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12087821_1010750342279813_7884022352141579132_oSo once again it has been a while since I have sat down to write. I spend most of my time updating my Facebook page, 12017443_1010749778946536_6366921809302627273_oit just seems easier to do then sit down here and gather my thoughts and projects. I apologize now because this is gonna be all over the place as I glance over a lot that has happened in the last few months. I’ve been keeping super busy with Cons and work, and commissions, contests. So where do I start…

12032920_1004739299547584_4528068627580029858_oDragon Con was a blast. Exhausting, exciting, crowded and all the other works that describe Dragon Con. I brought 10 costumes with me and somehow managed to wear them all. I had a bit of a malfunction with my first costume of the con which didn’t bode well for the rest of it, but everything worked out fine. See my Supergirl boots, both the heels broke off on the way to a shoot. But even with heel-less boots I was able to get some good shots 12030565_1004778056210375_2976898446584256998_oin the costume, and I definitely want to wear it again, as soon as I can find some new boots to paint the correct color of red.

My Jupiter Ascending wedding dress, went over well with a lot of people, but it did not win anything, the SH1_4407competition this year for the Friday Night Costume Contest was tough, and the lady who won our division totally deserved it. I do need to still set up a photo shoot for the dress somewhere as I did not get as many pics as I wanted in it. But it survived Dragon Con, and I can and will wear it again.

I also did my first full face prosthetic application and paint job this year. My friend and I did Madame Vastra and Jenny from11741186_941508405909059_6045013706732612167_o Doctor Who, so I did the makeup, and for a first try it turned out pretty good. I want to do it a bit darker next time around and make slightly different prosthetics for her face, but over all people were impressed and so was I.

11952744_941073705952529_4230929205514120707_oI have done a couple commissions as of late. One for Santa 🙂 he decided that he wanted to have multiple different types of Santa costumes, so he went to his friends for ideas. Steampunk Santa, Renaissance Style Santa, Classic Santa, Super Hero Santa… You get the picture. I did the Renaissance Santa. I did a quick sketch at work and asked if it looked like something he would wear and after getting the go ahead I began work. With all the measurements I could think to get, I got to work making this12113337_1217855434898685_4523615915318789786_o costume. It was pretty straight forward but there was a lot of second guessing and double checking measurements to make sure everything would fit. This was the first long distance commission I had ever done, and i was worried to say the least. But I got it in the mail and to him, and it fit perfect! Phew!

12249931_1097710700240559_5711300314383071593_nThe other commission I did was for a friend who really wanted an Anikan Skywalker episode III Jedi costume done in time for the Force Awakens. I have done a few Jedi Robes over the years so I said it would be no problem for me to do in time for the movie. Everything went well, it all fits perfectly and I only had to dye the cloak a bit to darken i to the correct color. The costume looks great, it fits perfectly, and the customer is happy.10557396_1097710683573894_6790400184918496267_n


My Cobra Viper, Madness. She was also a huge hit at Dragon Con.

I also have been doing more design sketching recently, a friend told me about a competition that if I was selected my design would get made and put in a movie. So I figured why not, what is there to lose. I entered and didn’t get chosen but it was still fun to do some design stuff again. I even have a few items I would really just love to make for me. Who knows when that will happen but I am excited about the prospect.

And as the year is almost to its end, I now start thinking about all the new projects I will start working on this year. SO many costumes on the list, and so many Cons I would like to get to. The first Big project for the year is gonna be a Klingon warrior costume. I got my forehead piece in. now to start the very long and difficult process of making the outfit. I have helped a friend with parts of one earlier this year. But now we have plans to do a whole bunch of them, so time to start cranking them out 🙂

Wish me luck! I hope to try and keep this a bit more updated this coming year. Especially with all the big projects in the works.



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