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Wow so it has been 7 months since I last blogged. I kept thinking, hey maybe I should go write, and then life would happen and I would forget. But this morning I decided it was definitely time. A lot has happened since Dragon Con, so I will do my best to touch on all the projects I have been a part of as well as the stuff coming up.

So lets see, where to start. Well I guess we can start with the fact that I am now the XO of the Capital Defense Regiment of The Finest a GI Joe Costume Club. Our CO stepped down and I was asked by the new CO to be the XO. I don’t know a lot about GI Joe like he does but am willing to help out as much as I can. Which I have gotten us pretty organized. We now have stickers and shirts for our garrison, which is pretty exciting cuz our garrison is growing pretty fast. We also will be at Awesome Con and have a table that we will also be promoting the Girls of the Finest Calendar, which I will be in this year.

In November my friends and I decided to run down to Richmond and check out the Richmond Comic Con, there was gonna be a cash prize for the costume contest so I decided to bring the Goblin Knight out of retirement and wander in him for the 10671470_905426826135615_2922837479360678674_nday. Steph and I showed up early thinking we would have to sign up for the contest, but when we got there it turns out that, nope, just show up. Which for the record was a bad idea. As it was a smaller con and they obviously hadn’t done cash prizes before they had no idea how many people would show up. So around 6pm, which means I had been in the Goblin Knight for 6 hours already, everyone started gathering in the middle of the con floor. I am guessing there were probably 100 people or  so who showed up. And the judges and MC of the event were not ready. So we did the kids event, and then decided that they had to move everyone somewhere else. At this point most of us had lined up into our groups (Men, Women, Group) and I know I groaned when they said we were moving, as I can’t move quickly or easily and knew I was gonna lose my spot in line. Luckily the other girls took pity on me and let me get back roughly where I had been. Girls went next, and guess what I got first place for Non-Comic Character a nifty trophy and $100. After that we dipped out pretty fast. I was exhausted and had been in 10991043_10102081174736097_4044493984054751549_nthe goblin for almost 12 hours.

Christmas was pretty quiet, didn’t make as many gifts as I usually do but did make a few. New years we went to an 80’s themed party, with 1501813_808491449210756_597869111260990939_n80’s movies and music playing. My friend Des and I dressed as 80’s-tastic as we could. January nothing happened, but a little planning for our first con of the year, Katsucon. Des, Steph and I did dancer girls, Steph as the Captain America one from the movie, Des as a Hydra dancer and me as a winter soldier dancer. It went over great, everyone loved the idea, and now we actually have a group that is trying to do a whole bunch of different Marvel characters. But more about that later.

I also took a weekend trip to Seattle to meet up with and visit my cousin Cassy from Alaska. She and I had a blast tooling around the Olympic Peninsula, going to the rainforest and pacific ocean, and doing the tourist thing in Seattle.

11076278_10102123491852257_1801176575834084472_nMarch was all about the Finest. A large group of the Finest went down to Charleston South Carolina to go to the Yorktown museum where we had been given permission to do photo shoots in costume. It was so awesome. The museum is amazing, the staff great and the vets we saw there seemed to really enjoy the fact we were there in costume. We got 2 new members out of the event, and a great bonding experience for our members all around. I even got my photo shoot for the calendar done while we were there.

Steph and I went back to Richmond again a few weekends back while 10425399_10102217158124297_6620276172376425491_neveryone was away at Philly Wizard World, and entered the costume contest with our dancers, we got first place in the group category. Stephs first entrance into a contest and her first win 🙂

11205101_10102201872042727_7618394609435707381_nNow I think we are basically caught up to now. I have busy working away on multiple costumes. Made and finished in time for the premier of Avengers Age of Ultron, my Skye (Agents of Shield), and Wanda Maximoff (Avengers Age of Ultron) for Steph. I have also been diligently working on and finally finishing my Jupiter Ascending Wedding Dress. I have prolly been working on it 1607029_10102057099622817_9021492529892175737_nfor 3 months or so. Patterning out the dress and petticoat with hoop, hand stitching on the lace overlay, beading and sewing on tons of flowers. My friend Des helped me with most of the dress construction since a lot of it had to be draped on me to fit properly and it is impossible to fit yourself in a full length dress. The hand beading I did myself and used tons of different red colored beads as well as different sized sequins. I think mt total time for beading comes out to roughly 40hours, the flowers prolly took just as long to attach. But I am overall very pleased with the final product. I have yet to do a test make-up and hair run with the dress but plan on doing that fairly soon. 11242551_1002880669723563_3024196041731409800_o

And now the newest thing is the Marvel Universe Dancing Squad. A group of us are doing dancing girls ala the Dancing girls in Captain America. Each has set color schemes as well as slight tweaks to the tops to fit the character and comfort of the girl. This weekend at Awesome Con, Steph and I will be debuting her Daredevil, and my Crossbones. We have pretty much every major character covered and hope to have most of us at Dragon Con to get a photo shoot done. It was a silly idea Steph and I had, but it grows more everyday and everyone seems to be very excited to be part of it.

So if you will be in DC this weekend, come by the Finest table at Awesome Con and say hi. Also come check out the Girls of the Finest calendar this year are charity is the USO, a good cause with some fun items in return for your donation.

Tried my hand at making a clutch with some scraps.

Tried my hand at making a clutch with some scraps.


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