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Dragon Con 2014 Saturday & Sunday


Ha Ha Ha… Apparently I forgot to add pics and post this weeks ago ๐Ÿ˜›

Saturday started a bit earlier than Friday did, as we had to get 12 people up moving and dressed for the parade that morning. Des and I were of course the first ready to go, so we headed out to meet the rest of the Joes and Cobras who were gonna walk in the parade so that the armbands 10653844_10204017136801277_8890066591755332879_ncould be passed out. Des had also gotten some pretty awesome patches made for the people who walked in the parade. And she had just enough, we had 50 people for the GI Joe/Cobra group. With 2 vehicles and even some flags. Pretty epic really. Parade went well. The weather was cooler than past years and the new route keeps most marchers in the shade. We were all still pretty sweaty and hot by the end, but everyone made it okay. After the parade we did some quick shots of the group on the steps by the Marriott. Then we all headed off to cool down and change. Lunch was in the _F000528plan for the day, so we headed down to this little Greek place and got Gyros, and then the guys went to the pool, while the girls went back to the room to relax and sew a couple things. On top of that Des was supposed to have a guy from a podcast come by to do an interview. Turned out a few of us are in it, Des and I mostly but some of the guys will have little cameos in it. He asked us about costuming/cosplay, how long we had been going to Dragon Con, and other stuff. He also asked if he could kinda follow us around later that night. Des and I had planned on getting photos taken by Bryan Humphreys so they tagged along for that and shot some video of us getting our photos done. I was gonna be in my Maleficent costume Saturday and after the mishap with my Elsa cape, Des didn’t want to leave me alone and agreed to hang out and guard my wings. Which was hilarious _F000531since she was dressed as a Judge. She could glare and yell at people and they totally listened. Walking around in the wings weren’t too bad, even considering how crowded it was in the Marriott, we were able to get around pretty well. I ran into my friend Kim at one point which we had kinda planned on hanging out since we were both Maleficent, she was from the Disney cartoon. I spotted her from quite a ways away, and she looked amazing. We kinda slowly shifted around the Marriott, and just stood in place a while, well until her feet hurt to much that she had to go change her shoes. She always has the craziest shoes that end up killing her feet. Me I was wearing sandals. Actually I only had two pairs of small heels with me all weekend, which my feet thanked me for. After our pics with Bryan and running around the Marriott we decided to head back to our hotel to change and grab a bit of food. There was this awesome hotdog stand in front of the CVS that we had gone to one day really quickly and it was awesome so we decided to grab something from there again. Walking outside was amazing, a storm had rolled through and cooled it down outside considerable, and there was a breeze which tested my wings quite a bit. I felt like I might take off flying ๐Ÿ™‚ While waiting for my dog, I kept hearing people Maleficent1scream from their cars in traffic and I would wave and smile. But one woman completely lost her shit. She jumped out of the passenger sat of the car she was in, as did the guy in the back seat, and they both ran to the sidewalk so they could get a picture with me. Then ran back all before the light changed… I was a little _F000526stunned, to say the least. Apparently Des thought I knew the lady, until I turned around and she saw my face. Nope no clue! But it was a fun night and my costume went over great. So we went back stripped down and ate the much needed food. Climbed in bed to begin all over again the next day.

Sunday didn’t have to start so early, we didn’t have anything planed until 11, so we took our time getting up and ready for the GI Joe photo shoots. One at the Sheriton Steps, and one with Byran. The shoot on the stairs went great, we had around if not over 60 people, which we are pretty sure is a world record ๐Ÿ˜› We did big groups shots of god guys vs. bad guys. Single shots for each character, just the Joes and just the Cobra. Everyone had a blast, multiple10659013_546006782211656_567229715449833141_o people said it was the highlight of their con, which is pretty awesome. After that the people who didn’tย  have other costume changes hurried ourselves down to Bryan’s set up in the Marriott. He finished up shooting some other people in line. And then shut down so we had our own private shoot. It was a blast we did some goofy stuff and serious stuff, basically anyone who had an idea no matter how goofy, if you could get others to join you it would be shot. So there are some pretty fun pics. you can go here to view the whole shoot with Bryan. After that we were all pretty exhausted so we went back to the room to change and relax for a bit. Des and I decided to cancel all 10636501_10103140485718291_1566222173729292922_othe other costumes for the day and just take it easy.ย  At this point Des had basically lost her voice from shouting during the shoots, and so I became her interpreter for the night. Other tried to help and failed miserably.ย  I happen to be really good at reading lips and charades. Which we now need to have a game with friends and kick their buts. Other than not changing into any of our other costumes the only other thing on the agenda a was the impromptu art show one of the guys in the room were going to have. Joe does close to life size (sometimes bigger than) portrait of cosplayers, and they are pretty amazing. So he picked 10 of his paintings and brought them down to Dragon Con. Our job was to carry them all to a space where he figured it would get some good traffic, and still be out of the way if it did get crowded. 6 of us grabbed the paintings and we headed down the streets of Atlanta, telling people as we went where we would be set up if they wanted to come take a10600410_750665151660053_6891268361409786197_n closer look. Getting the paintings arranged to people likings took about 10 minutes then we waited. Friends who knew about the show stopped by, and slowly other people started showing up. Then we all became pimps ๐Ÿ™‚ “Here would you like a card?” “The Artist is just over there if you have any questions.” “What you think?”ย  It was a lot of fun. Joe isn’t super outgoing so it was a lot of pushing him from person to person. But he had a great time, and the show was agreed, a success. Then it was just pack up and go to bed. The drive back was also uneventful. I was more tired when I came back than when I left.

1521277_10101760091210057_5925947351155541347_nAnd at this point I am not even sure what day it happened but at one point I got a Facebook message from Santa (His real name is Stephen Taylor), that I needed to head up to his rooms. I took off and went up to say hi to him and his kids. they then produced a gift for me. My very own cosplay bow. He said he had almost put a real string on it, it would have had a 60lb draw, but then he remembered who it was going to and that I might get in trouble with something like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

Dragon Con was way more exhausting this year than any in the past 5, hopefully next year I will be able to see more of my friends, and just hang out, and not run around like a chicken with my head cut off.




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