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Planning This Years Projects

thanksgiving 2012 015Well, Halloween is upon us, and as most people are thinking about what they are going to wear for Halloween, I am planning the next years worth of costumes… With the Con season dying down, I have time to sit back and contemplate what the “big” project for this year will be. Or what costumes are on my wish list that I think I can accomplish with the knowledge I have gained this year.

I sat down with my friend Des over the weekend and we started compiling list of project we want to accomplish this year, as well as work out what we think we will need to make our pre-planned Nightingale costumes. About a month before Dragon Con Des messaged me asking if I would help her make this costume for next year, and I nightengaleimmediately fell in love and had to have one too, so together I feel like we can make some pretty nightengale2bad ass Nightingales. I started the planning by grabbing as many high res pics on the internet as I could. Finding as many angles and different armor patterns as I could find. Each is a little different, the only thing that stays the same is the chest emblem. After that I did some sketches from those pictures to try an figure out how I thought the layers went together. Then we  had John pull up his Nightingale armor on Skyrim and took some screen shots of it to get an idea about fabric and armor weight. We figured out about how much Worbla we would need to make the armor. What fabric we wanted for the cloak, which parts were going to be foam ‘armor’ versus Worbla armor. What style boot we want, how to tackle the face mask. This project is going look awesome in the end. But man is it gonna be a ton of work.

Other projects include; making Anna’s cape for her coronation gown, doing another Disney princess (Merida? Snow White?), Rogue maybe, and I have been talked into thor-001-1Rogue1doing the new Lady Thor, and possibly finally making a Star Fleet uniform (Next Gen). And who knows what movie will come out that I will have to have a costume from. But this at least gets me started, and working on stuff. Besides the Christmas gifts I have to figure out for this year 🙂

Happy Sewing!


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