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Dragon Con 2014 Thursday & Friday

10606197_10101758707353317_7651236390353924358_nI think I have finally recovered from Dragon Con, I luckily did not get con crud and everything has been unpacked cleaned and repaired. It was to say the least a long weekend. I slept very little, ate very little, but kept running all day every day.

My trip started Wednesday right after I left work at noon. I had packed most of my car the night before and only left a few items at home I could quickly grab before I left town. One of those things left at home were my wings, as I didn’t want them sitting in the hot car too long. I filled my gas tank and my oil and grabbed lunch and hit the road. Traffic wasn’t too bad, just wasn’t able to go as fast as I would have liked since cops were out in force. But made it in by 11pm to Atlanta, unpacked my car, settled in my room where some of my friends had already been at most of the day. Des had already even done 3 photo shoots that day (crazy!). Didn’t get a ton of sleep as I am usually awake by sunrise, but turns out not the only one. Des and I were up before the others, which was necessary since she was expecting a delivery of one of her costume for a shoot later that morning. I took a shower while she finished sewing some things to a pair of boots (it’s not Dragon Con if your not sewing in your room :P) by that time the costume was in so we ran downstairs to grab the costume and a cup of coffee, then head back upstairs to get ready for the day. I really enjoyed already being in Atlanta on Thursday. We were able to take our time getting breakfast, and our badges (which happened quicker than I ever thought possible), and got to just relax before the storm of the weekend we had planned. Des had another 2 photo shoots planned for Thursday,k but after the costume was delivered when she tried to put it on, there was a bit of a problem.  The corset fit perfectly and looked great, but the underoos, well they were a bit tight, so tight that her leg began turning kinda blue. When she tried to take them off after wearing them for a bit hoping they would stretch (they were leather) she couldn’t remove them. So I had to try and help her. So the two of us pulled and tugged, and squealed and laughed for prolly 20 minutes. With the guys in the room wondering what in the hell was going on in the bathroom the whole time. Des finally canceled one of her shoots for the day, and instead we went and had the one and only sit down meal we were probably gonna get all weekend.  After lunch we headed back to get Des

Some of the crew from our rooms

Some of the crew from our rooms

ready for her shoot, where we were also meeting the maker of the costume that didn’t fit. He stopped by, had her put the pants back on, made some notes, and helped get 10454449_831742933524762_1106164420939522416_nher back out of them and took them to have them fixed for the next day. Then John and I began to get Des ready for her other photo shoot. It took 2 of us an hour to dress her in her costume. I though I had seen some complicated costumes before, but boy was I wrong. After her shoot we wandered a bit, and then headed back so all of us could change before the GI Joe meet up that night.  Des and I donned out GI Joe shirts, William dressed as a smaller character,  the rest joined up to head to the meet up place. We slowly gathered everyone and explained how things were going to happen for the parade, where and when to meet, and what the schedule for photo shoots was. Then we just hung out and chatted. I got to see and old acquaintance of mine, Scott, who was my He-man a few years back in the parade. It was really nice to see him again and I was super excited about his costume, most people hadn’t seen it before and didn’t know how good he was, like I did. At this point the rest of our group had shown up so it was time to move my stuff to my permanent home for the weekend. The room right next door. Which was awesome, we basically left the doors open all weekend and wandered back and forth as needed.

Elsa1Friday began pretty early, around 7am, with a shower and the beginning of me putting my self together. I had the 11am Disney Photo shoot at the Sheriton Pool just down the hill, and Des had a Wonder woman shoot. The new and improved underoos were dropped off, and with a hope and a prayer she got them on with little trouble. I laced her up, then she laced up my Elsa corset  and after make up and wigs we were ready to go. I walked most of the way with Des and John, and then I headed to the Marriot to grab some coffee, and wander about a bit before the photo shoot. I think my favorite part about Elsa2being Elsa is all the little kids. “Look mom its Elsa!” I love waving to them and taking pics with them, it makes it all worth it. After a little time in the Marriott, I headed down the street to go find the pool. I wasn’t in the pool area long before other Disney characters showed up, a few Gastons (one with his 5 dozen eggs), a Cinderella, Belle, Ariel and Anna. We were all early but it worked out well for us. The photographer also showed up early so he was nice enough to offer to do single shots of us. So now I have professional pics of my Elsa. After the single shots we did some group stuff, but after a while it was getting really crowded and I wasn’t even sure if I was visible any more, so I stepped out into the hall to get some ac and a little quiet time. I started chatting with an Ursula talking about the glitter and sparkly of my dress, there was no one else around except for 2 other random con goers in the hall, and as soon as I dropped my cape and began to move, some guy stepped on my cape ripped it off my body and part of a snowflake. Luckily Ursula had a safety pin so I could at least reattach my cape before I tried to head back to my room to change. Next up was my Bene Gesserit, so I had to get back and start the fairly long process of putting on my bald cap. Luckily even though I was running behind so was my friend

Me with some of the peeps of Heroes of Cosplay

Me with some of the peeps of Heroes of Cosplay

David, so I did a bit of a rush job, but made it back to the Marriott in time to meet up a bit with David and Malorey. Malorey was dressed as Lady Bunny and looked amazing, I kept wanting to touch her hair it was so big and fluffy! David and I discussed how a few of his friends are in the process of making Dune costumes so by next year we will actually have a group of people. And while we stood around a Feyd found us! I am super excited there might actually be a group next year, Des even got some of her friends to look into costumes, so hopefully there will be a fairly large group next year, but we shall see. After Dune I had planned on doing Carina for the rest of the night, so I headed back to my room to start the super crazy long process of painting myself pink. Layer upon layer of latex paint and hour upon hour with help from one of my room mates later I was finally ink enough to my satisfaction to head out. I even had made some quick pieces before I left town to mimic the ridged on Carinas cheeks and chin. Not a ton of people recognized me but I was okay with that. The ones who did appreciated it, and I got some pics with a really good Gamora and Star Lord as well as a replica of the case of the purple infinity stone. I didn’t last as long as I thought i would in this costume, The vinyl dress got hot fast and the latex was just uncomfortable, I do like that even if I bumped into things it didn’t rub

I'm so Pink!

I’m so Pink!

off but that is the only good thing I can say about it. Definitely wont be using it again, it also starred to peal off and bubble around my mouth which looked weird and gross. After I could go no more and Des had walked through her shoes (literally they broke) we headed back for the night. I wish I had thought ahead to have someone take pics or a video of me removing the latex cuz it was super strange looked and super gross, I did manage to get a quick pic of me pealing the latex off my arm, but the face was the best part. Des and Scarlett helped get the back of my shoulder and neck, squealing the whole time as it was too gross for them to handle.

I think that is enough for now, I will do another post about Saturday and Sunday later.


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