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Last Stop Dragon Con 2014

I have 6 days till Dragon Con starts, and you know what? I AM DONE BABY!!!! Everything is painted and sewn and fit. I have added some new stuff finished some pretty complex things. And am proud to say I am ready for Dragon Con.

most recent paint job

most recent paint job

Last I was on here I had finished building my wings for Maleficent, well they are now finished being painted. After 5 different paint colors, styles and looks I am now happy with how they look. I go my clip in extensions for her as well and ended up attaching them to the headband with the horns to help keep everything really secure on my head. Made and found some jewelry that look similar to hers, and what I felt like was very last minute, I bought a new pair of elf ears. Pictures will have to wait until Dragon Con as I have no easy way of getting some taken right now. Every day when I get home it is a down pour outside which is where I would like to take pics.

One of the many drawings of Groot I have done

One of the many drawings of Groot I have done

And speaking of rain, apparently there is a chance of a Hurricane hitting the surrounding areas during the week of Dragon Con, so everyone drive safe, bring an umbrella, and look out for each other. If you see someone who might need help with dragging costume pieces, don’t let them drag it through a puddle, ask if they need assistance. I know I will be very thankful to anyone who offers to help with my wings. My friend Steph will be there for me but more help is always welcome. Especially with how huge they are.

August 21 2014 029I went and watched Guardians of the Galaxy on opening night with Steph and Leslie, and LOVED IT! I am really thinking about getting a Groot tattoo, possibly of my own design 🙂 But after watching the movie, and doing double checks on how I though Gamora’s costume went together, I decided what I really wanted was to be pink. Yep pink. Her name is Carina, and she is the Collectors assistance. I think her dress is super cute, and the idea of being completely pink just makes me happy. So I drafted a pattern, made my dress out of oh so comfy vinyl, and ordered a tub of pink body paint. It is going to be awesome! The best part is even if it is raining outside, I will be completely water proof. I got Liquid Latex paint and since my dress is vinyl any water will just roll right off of me. I will be wearing Carina with my friend Steph (as Gamora) probably on Friday Night, maybe afternoon.

Finished dress and shoes

Finished dress and shoes

August 21 2014 049Gamora I just finished tonight. The top I had basically patterned out weeks before by looking at the figurine my friend Des had. So after a few quick alterations I was able to take the draft apart and cut into the real fabric. No the fabric was ordered by my friend Des who is planning on making her own Gamora for Baltimore Comic Con, so when she found what looked right I asked her to order enough for both of us. Neither of us had really looked to closely at the fabric, it had been sitting in a fairly small box in the corner for a few weeks, when I finally went to go cut my half out. Des was busy on the phone in her kitchen while I unfolded the fabric on her living room floor. At first I was in a bit of shock. I didn’t know what to do or say. So i went and stood in the kitchen door until Des notice me. I am pretty sure I scared her a bit, but I really didn’t know what I was looking at. I asked Des how much fabric she ordered. She said 4 yards, and the fabric was said to be 45 inches wide. Well all I could do was laugh, because spread out over the entirety of her living room was 8 yards of fabric at 60 inches wide, so we had enough fabric to make 4 Gamora costumes, or make a lot of mistakes. We definitely got our moneys worth that is for sure, but man that is a lot of stretchy fabric. So back to the costume. I cut out my top there at August 21 2014 048Des’ and she used my pattern to cute out the beginning of hers so she would have less to do right after Dragon Con. I have to say that the shirt for Gamora is more complicated to put together than any corset, or anything I have ever done. It looks awesome, and is super comfortable, but man there were a ton of pieces. The collar piece and part of the belt I made from Worbla. The arm guards were a bit of a pain, mostly because of trying to get everything to line up and lay the way I wanted them to. Getting her criss-cross pattern correctly took a few tries. August 21 2014 043Pants are just basically a pair of leggings with some ties stitched on the thigh. The belt I will try and get better pics later because I am super happy with how it turned out, not sure how either of us are going to carry anything that day but oh well, we are going to look amazing.

I will also be bringing along Lorelei from Agents of Shield, she was also kinda in the mix, but I was able to figure out her dress and such so she will be coming along to go with Steph’s Sif. Her dress wasn’t too difficult to put together, I just could find the right color or drape of fabric I really wanted, so after scoring the last yard and a half of this perfectly colored teal I whipped together her dress, as well as made her collar/voice blocker Sif puts on her and made a quick set of cuffs based off of Loki’s from Thor 2. August 21 2014 015

August 21 2014 012And I will be bringing back my Bene Gesserit and Elsa. Not sure when I will be wearing each outfit, but I will do my best to give them each a good amount of time.

Bonus pic of my Bad Ass Helix Kicking Ass!

Bonus pic of my Bad Ass Helix Kicking Ass!


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