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It’s that time again!

That time for the post about how little time is left till Dragon Con. 56 days to be exact, and I have not been idle, but I have been changing my plans and adding new more ridiculous costumes to the mix.

ignore the bright blue shorts :)

ignore the bright blue shorts πŸ™‚

Agent Helix is, I am glad to say, finished. I have not had a chance to put everything on and get a full picture but all the bits and pieces are july 1 2014 063together, and look pretty damn perfect. Last time I had just completed the shoulder harness and the “corset”. Now I am thinking of calling it the girdle, as I actually made a corset as one of the pieces of the costume. The shirt took some piecing out as the sleeves had a grey cut out on the bottom half. SO a made a mock up of the sleeves in another yellow I had sitting around and then cut it to make the cut out I wanted, using those pieces of the sleeve as the pattern I added sewing allowances and put it together. Some of the angles on the cut out were a bit difficult to sew and took some finagling to get it to lay the way I wanted but they worked. The shirt also had a cut out in the chest, and since I had trouble getting the sleeves to lay correctly I decided to make that and corset that sat over the rest of the shirt. I actually remembered to take a picture while I was patterning out the corset, so you can see how I go about it. Pinning scrap fabric over my body form I get it to lay flat, folding as needed. After everything is pinned down I go through and sketch out the shape I want the corset to take, adding july 1 2014 061the seeming where the pieces should come together. I usually try to make sure my corsets have at least 5 parts (front, side front, side, side back and july 1 2014 086back) I find if you make the panels to large it wont fit to your figure correctly. After that I slowly cut the panels out leaving pins in where it is holding the fabric flat. I then use those pieces as the pattern, and add a seem allowance when cutting out my actual fabric. Always cut a lining, I like to put my boning channeling on the lining so the outside of the corset looks smoother and has less seaming. Once I had the shirt, corset and strapping done. I had to figure out what to do about the “packets” Helix wears on her hips. I really need to figure out what there are supposed to be since I feel a little silly wearing them without knowing their purpose. Those I made out of Worbla, it was a simple shape and only needed 2 layers to really keep them nice and rigid. Painted those with some silver and black paint and then made my belt and leg harnesses. I cheated with the pants and just bought a pair of grey pants. They were wide leg when I bought them, so I did alter them since they need to be skinny jeans to fit in the boots I ordered. And I have to ajuly 1 2014 072dd that the boots are SUPER comfortable. Hooray NO HEELS!!! I also ordered the patch for her left arm, and the thing strapped to her right arm, well I bought one of those IPod july 1 2014 087runner cases. That way I have the same look with the added functionality. πŸ™‚ I’m so smart sometimes. The wig was a new thing for me this time. I ordered a platinum blonde wig that was the correct length and cut I wanted, and then also ordered 3 extension wefts of black hair that I sewed onto the bottom of the wig, and then cut to fit the hair style. It turned out way better than I thought it would. and looks really close to the picture I went off of.july 1 2014 071

july 1 2014 075Now the reason I finished Helix is this next costume. Everything for Maleficent was going great. I made a second set of horns with more detail. I july 1 2014 070found really close fabric for the dress, and even was able to drape and sew it in a few days. I did have a little4 miss step when i spent 4 hours or so making this huge full underskirt and then realized I wouldn’t need it, but Yay! New Ren Fest skirt. Then came the wings. Man those wings. Tons of hand cut feathers, tons of glue. And did I mention they are about 6 feet tall? Yah, big wings. I took about 2 days cutting out the feathers, and laying them out on the floor trying decide if I had enough, and did I like the shape, and do they need to be thinner? Wider? Shorter? My mom had actually stopped by during some of this and just laughed when she saw me standing in my living room looking down at these things talking to myself. But I finally made a decision and started gluing. Of course I wasn’t paying close enough attention when I started on wing two and had to pull it apart since I had made two right wings. :/ But I finally got them together and all the feathers glue in place and on the harness. Now painting time! This is july 1 2014 079usually my favorite part of costuming. I love sitting down and painting, it is calming and fun, I get to make something pretty but at the same timejuly 1 2014 073 make a huge mess. Well first thing I did was go out onto my prorch to put a quick base coat of paint on it and turns out I needed at least 2 can of paint, but I only had one, so I had to go out and see if I could find the same color. I had wanted to get 2 just in case, but my local A.C Moore failed me and only had one can of the color I needed. I so I went home with my second can and very carefully painted the rest hoping I would have enough to coverjuly 1 2014 076 everything. Turns out I did, and even had some left over paint, but, and this is a big BUT. I brought them in that night and all I could think about in bed was how I didn’t like the way they looked. So what to do. I ended up cutting off bits here and there and inserting more feathers and parts to give the wings the look I really wanted.Β  So once I got the additions in I used the last of the paint to quickly cover the new stuff, and I ran that can dry.Β  Now the part that has driven me crazy. The detailing. I have still not finished the wings but I have repainted the back at least 3 times. The first time I did it I felt that the feathers were too light and the wrong bird all together. So I think I have gotten closer to the actual color I want, it isn’t anywhere near done, but I am at least on the right track. I am just having a trouble getting motivated to do it. I look at them standing in my living room and think, I should paint today, but NOPE lets do something else. So that is why Helix is finished, and why all of my other costumes will prolly be done before july 1 2014 081july 1 2014 085Maleficentjuly 1 2014 088 .

Next on the list is Lorelei from Agents of Shield. It will be a pretty easy dress, with a few armor pieces out of Worbla. And then Gamora for my friend Steph. The fabric is already in town, just need to go pick it up from my other friend Dez. Then I need to work on re-doing my Rynn costume from Defiance, and decide what else I am bringing to Dragon Con. Not a lot of time and quite a bit to do. πŸ™‚ Keep sewing people! Or painting, which is what I should be doing.july 1 2014 092


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