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Doing it for the fun of it.

Projects in Progress

DukeofWeseltonOfficialDisneyAs I don’t really have any deadlines that are immediate I have been slowly working on projects here and there. Some for fun and some for Dragon Con in September.

The big project I have pretty much finished is the jacket for my little brothers costume of the Duke of Wesselton. I had begun work on it a while back and decided to try to do hand embroidery for the detail work instead of just fabric painting like I usually do. I am happy that I did decide to embroider, it makes the piece look better, richer, more like a coat a noble man would wear. But that being said, I NEVER want to hand embroider again. It takes forever and I am not very good at it. I was able to kinda keep it all looking even, but there are a few spots here and there that are a little rough looking. The jacket was photo 1(1)pretty easy to construct. I used a pattern I already had and altered the tail and bottom front a bit. I went back and forth on what to use for a closure, invisible zipper, Velcro, hooks… I ended up using Velcro as it is for my brother, and that way I could also assure the front photo 2(1)laid flat when closed. The sash was simple I just cut the shape I wanted out of interfacing and then cut red fabric and sewed together and flipped inside out to hide seems. The bottom also has some Velcro to attach at the hip since the sash has to be fed through the Epaulette. The epaulettes I had thought were finished a while back but realized that not just the tassels were gold but the entire thing is gold, so I had to basically applique a gold piece of cloth in the space on top. I had some scrap fabric laying around and it matched perfectly. After everything was together and all the embroidery was finished I thought I was done. I unfortunately now realized that the cuffs on the sleeves are supposed to be red, so I will prolly applique red on those as well. I also made the medals that the duke wears. Those are just scraps of Warbla that I cut to shape and painted gold, and then hand stitched together the ‘ribbons’. I am really happy with how it all turned out. Now to get the leggings and boots, and get a wig to alter a bit. 🙂 agenthelix2

photo 5(1)The other thing I have started on is my Agent Helix costume. She is a character from the GI Joe comics. A friend of mine talked me into joining their group and I will be walking with them in the Parade at Dragon Con. The costume isn’t really too complicated it just has a lot of little details I want to get right. I started with the shoulder harness, and was able to get that sewn together in about 3 hours or so. I really enjoy trying to construct things from just pictures. I do a lot of sketching and speculating on how i think things go together before I ever cut anything, and this harness went way easier than I thought it would. Next I went to the ‘corset’, not really sure what to call this part, it covers the stomach and lower back and kinda looks like it is supposed to be padding/bullet proof. Next I will start on the bright yellow shirt with grey accents, not quite sure how I am going about this. Was originally gonna make the grey part a corset, but still not sure how all that layering will look. Also not looking forward to the fact that the yellow fabric I have is stretchy, I photo 3have not had a lot of luck with stretchy fabric so I will definitely let you know how it goes.

used Jeans rivets to attach the 'armor' pannels

used Jeans rivets to attach the ‘armor’ pannels












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