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Katsucon 20

1904101_10101437706756087_989714278_nSo Katsucon landed on Valentines weekend this year. And I gathered up my family and headed out to have a fun day of great costumes and friends. My friend Hesa whom I had helped glitter up her Jack Frost hoody, had a room at the Gaylord and said we could crash for the night on the floor.  So early Saturday morning I got up and grabbed my little sister Casey and my little brother Billy, and headed to Georgetown to get our cousin Danny. I had already packed up the car the night before, putting everything into as few of bags as possible. Luckily all the costumes fit into one tub, and I had my rolling make up box, and then the sleeping bags. So unloading with four of us was easy. We got to the Gaylord in record time, as it was still 7am, it was raining a bit but we knew that was supposed to taper off later in the afternoon. Hoofed our stuff up to the room and dropped it off. We headed down to registration to find a line already forming even though registration still hadn’t even opened yet. Once Registration did open, everything moved along pretty quickly. I had preregistered so I went to my very short line while the kids headed to the regular registration. I got my stuff and joined them in their line and looked through the program while we waited. I felt like things went way faster this year than it did when we went in 2012. After finishing up registration we headed to get breakfast. Wanted to make sure we were awake and fed before changing into our costumes and running around the con.1620377_10101437705558487_1147235811_n

1800458_10101437706222157_1565520121_nOnce back up in the room, I started working on Casey’s hair, knowing it would prolly take the most time. Her hair was still a little damp from her shower that morning and I went to work using the tutorial I had found last month. Her hair turned out perfect, and didn’t move and inch the entire time she was running around.There was one little mishap when I accidentally dropped the comb I was using and it floated away over the balcony down onto someones table in the restaurant below. She then started putting on her limited amount of make up she was aloud to wear as Anna is more natural when it comes to makeup and we didn’t want to hide her freckles. While she did that I started pulling stuff out of the bucket for the boys. Billy wore the Tuffnut costume I had made for Dragon Con, and Danny wore the Fire Nation costume I finally finished this week. Unfortunately Danny’s pants didn’t fit so he had to wear some grey sweatpants he had with him. But it looked good otherwise.  The boys were then released to go run amok while I finished getting Casey dressed and  started putting myself together.1623686_10101437704016577_47834316_n

Jack Fost with his Snow Bitches :P

Jack Fost with his Snow Bitches 😛

After what felt like and hour Casey, Hesa and I finally made it down to the main floor to start checking out other peoples costumes and getting some shots of our own costumes done. I had a few in mind I wanted and was able to get one nice pick of my on the stairs. My cape caught the light perfectly. We also noticed that it has stopped raining and had begun to snow outside, so we got our blood pumping by jumping around a bit and ran out into the cold to get a few fun themed shots done. After we finished Casey bolted to get back inside as she was “freezing to death” and I followed fairly close behind. Apparently I missed another costumer making a comment to Hesa about how “peculiar it was that Elsa and Jack were sneaking around and it had all the sudden began to snow.” And that began the incessant comments about how the weather was out fault. 😛 Even later when we went to an early dinner at Baja Fresh Hesa got accused of causing the cold weather while waiting in line. And just as we were finishing eating another costumer came over looking kinda grumpy and before he even said anything I pointed at Hesa and said “it’s his fault,” the guy just laughed thinking it funny I already knew what he was going to say. I wonder if any of the other Elsas and Jacks got the same comment throughout the weekend. And there were a lot of us. Elsa, Anna and Jack were everywhere you turned. When it finally came time for the Disney meetup at 3 I am pretty sure I counted  seeing 14 Elsas and Annas. And for every couple of them there was a Jack frost fairly near by if not in the same group.  The Disney shoot was a lot of fun, got to see a tone of great costumes and also get myu favorite pick of the weekend. The was one lady who did a Fem Shan Yu from Mulan and the lady running the shoot requested we do one picture where Shan Yu was popping up like a Daisey surrounded by Elsas. It was hilarious.1781456_10152612272184972_324178030_o

1798343_10101437706676247_1711249113_nAfter the shoot was wandered about a bit more, but my feet were done and I really wanted to take my wig off. So we went back to the room and got changed. The rest of the night was pretty relaxed. We just wandered around people watching and checking out costumes. I went into the dealers hall earlier in the day but didn’t make it back before it closed so the couple shirts I had seen I wasn’t able to get. I didn’t leave the con empty handed though. For some reason people always give me things at Katsucon, and I have only ever been twice. The first time I got a flower from a girl who liked but was terrified of my costume. This year I got a real pink rose from a guy cosplaying as Hans, he was going up to every Elsa and giving them a flower apologizing for trying to kill them. The other thing I got was a snowman…. Yes I said a snowman, a real one made of actual snow from outside. this guy had walked up to me earlier in the day, smelling very strongly of alcohol and asked if I wanted to go build a snowman. I smiled and jokingly said yes grabbing his hand to go outside, but laughed it off and sad maybe later. About and hour later he found me again, and wanted to know if I would go build a snowman with him. Said no again, starting to get a little creeped out that he found me again. Then about 2 hours later I could see him heading my way throug


What do you think you are doing with that?

h the crowd and kinda heaved a sigh and prepared myself to deal with his drunken self. But sitting there in his hands was a little snowman he had made outside. He handed it to me and said “here, since you wouldn’t go out to build a snowman with me, I brought one to you.” He smiled walked away with his friends and I didn’t see him again. It was really cute and sweet, and still a little weird. I don’t know what it is about Katsucon, my friend Hesa said she has been coming to this convention for years and has never had anyone give her anything. She wanted to know what she is doing wrong. I want to know what I am doing “right.” I really enjoy Katsucon, it is a much more layed back con for me and it always makes me smile. I know a lot of people complain about the photography rules and constraints, but maybe that is why I like it so much. It isn’t as over the top, you don’t have flash bulbs going off in your face, no one is dragging you off to do super elaborate photo shoots. It is just a time to hang out and enjoy each others company. Really look at peoples costumes and ask how they constructed it.

If you have never been to Katsucon you should try one year. It is a beautiful venue, great costumes, nice people, and fun for all. Now it is time to start working on costumes for Dragon Con, if not for something sooner. On the list is Helix from GI Joe, and Pitch Black from Rise of the Guardians.


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