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Frozen Part 3


adding boning channels

1779265_10101406834070197_1737318395_nI’M DONE!!!!!!!! I can clean up the glitter that has engulfed my life and start on boring projects, things only made of fabric, and foam and paint. Man I am so excited. Not eating and breathing and wearing glitter all the time will really be nice. I am not saying that glitter isn’t fun and useful in the right places, but man I am tired of it.

SO my costume. I added boning to the corset lining and sewed the two halfs together. I sewed the sleeves and tried them on to make sure they fit my arms kinds snuggly, as I still want to be able to move. To finished up Elsa’s corset and sleeves I kept them in two pieces to make it somewhat easier on me while I added the little bit 1796584_10101406140859397_1905075501_nof glitter design to the elbow and shoulder areas, and did the glitter pattern on the corset. The corset took a little longer than I thought it would but turned out nice. I laid the corset out on my table and took a very large sponge brush, cut the pointed tip off and also sliced out three spaces giving me 3 thin rectangle shapes that I could stamp with. Using the same permanent fabric glue I dipped my “stamp” into it and started dabbing different areas around on the corset front. I had four different colors of glitter and did each in sections spacing each color out to give a more “crystallized” look. I had a fine white, a fine periwinkle, a fine turquoise, and a hologram white(this one just had slightly larger glitter flakes that caught light better). I started with the periwinkle and then the white and then the hologram. I didn’t cover all of the original fabric as I still wanted that color to show through as well. After coveringĀ  I dropped in small lines of turquoise to add a little pop. Once everything had dried properly I sewed the sleeves onto the corset and low and behold it fit!image(9)

1535606_10101400479819167_933283899_nI also got in my shoes in a whole week early, so I immediately pulled them out of the box and began to first make sure they fit, then took some sandpaper to them and rubbed down the whole thing so my glue would have a nice surface to hold onto. I then took some really think interfacing and cut out the snow crystal pattern that goes up the heal and front of the foot and glued them to the shoes. Then covering the whole thing in glue I dumped a ton of glitter on them. I did a few other layers of glitter and glue filling in where things didn’t really stick properly or I had missed the first time around and once everything had dried I sprayed a clear spray paint over the top of that to help protect the glitter from being rubbed off right away.image(6)

400610_10101406140864387_1219156755_nI also made a little prop out of a Christmas ornament and some wonderflex. I made r ring tot fit on my middle finger and attached the snowflake ornament by encasing one end in wonderflex. I figure it would be nice to have for photos. I made some hair ornaments as well, using earring posts some snowflake confetti and little jewels I glued together five ornaments for my hair.image(5)

image(10)Also as promised I took a picture of the patterns I used for my corset and skirt. The skirt was actually a dress pattern that I cut off at my ribs. The corset I added the little point at the front but the sweetheart top was perfect. I also use part of the bolero top pattern to make my sleeves. I ended up attaching the cape using hooks so I can still get in and out of my corset relatively easily on my own. I only used two hooks and they are under my arms on the corset. I don’t have any pictures yet of the whole thing together, but plan on going to get some done soon, while we have some snow. Hope this helps people. I can’t wait to show this costume off, it is going to be so much fun!elsa 023elsa 003elsa 017


2 comments on “Frozen Part 3

  1. bakingbelle13
    May 9, 2014

    Your blog is great! Just one question, what pattern did you use for the corset? I’m trying to make Anna’s coronation dress and am struggling to work out how to make the corset.

    • alattething
      May 9, 2014

      The corset pattern I used is shown in the post, it is Butterick B5797. I used the same pattern for Elsa and Anna as they both have a sweetheart shape.

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