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keep-calm-and-love-frozen-35So like many other people out in the world I am OBSESSED with Frozen. I love the story, I love the animation, the music is to die for… and I have finally found a Disney Princess that I must cosplay as ASAP. I went and saw Frozen opening weekend with my little sister, and we both agreed that these two girls were totally us. My little sister Casey has agreed to dress as Anna if I make her the coronation dress, so that will be happening at some point too. But I wanted to try and get Elsa’s done first before winter was over so I have a chance to maybe get some great shots in some snow. 1012241_10101376206218657_1283064426_n

So last week I began work on Elsa. I went to one of my local Joann’s and looked around to see if there were any fabrics that I thought might work, and well as looking at the fabric glue and glitter that I might be able to use as embellishments. I ended up buying all of the fabric I figured I would need for this costume while I was there. Found a nice blue fabric with some glitter already on it for the skirt, as well as a pattern that had the same shape I needed. I really don’t enjoy drafting so finding the pattern was a super bonus. I got some stretch blue netting with glitter already on it for the cape and some white stretch netting for the sleeves. I looked like I was definitely meant to make this costume as I had no problem finding what I needed. I went home and immediately got to work on the skirt, since it was a fairly simple straight forward thing I new having that out of the way would be nice. I ended up using a zipper for a closure but not in the back as it called for, I ended up putting the invisible zipper right above the slit in the skirt I felt like it was a better place to have it so the skirt would look more seamles1017162_10101385332215087_2146704207_ns.

1545714_10101385332264987_387969452_nNext I started working on the cape. It is huge and long and my room is not big enough to fit it easily… Also my cats are going to die if they try to eat or play with it anymore… I took my 6 yards and opened it up and cut it in half.  Then laying it on the floor I cut those two pieces in half diagonally to keep the length. I draped the pieces on my body form and pinned them together.  Again I draped it back on my body form and sut the shape I wanted on half the cape, then took it down and folded it in half to cut other half correctly. Next came the snowflakes. I found this pattern for Elsa’s cape online and used it as a basis for what I was doing.frozencape I blew up some of the snowflakes on this drawing and used those as templates. Next I cleared out a large space to work on, needed a bigger one :/.  I then placed the snowflake template down first, then a piece of wax paper over the stencil and then placed the netting on top. Using a small paintbrush and some fabric adhesive I tracd over the stencils following the snowflake pattern, I recommend doing a couple snowflakes at a time. Then I poured on my desired color of glitter on the glue and then lifted the fabric and wax paper to “roll” the glitter over the desired spots and then onto a piece of paper to save and place back into the bottle. Every once in  while I would go outside to shake the whole thing off, just to try and help lessen the glitter all over my house.. This part of the process can go very slow as you have to let the snowflakes you finished dry before moving on. I am probably half way done with the cape at the moment and hope to finish it this week. My house right now looks like a troupe of fairies were murdered. Everything sparkles and glitters. Even the cats. And I still am going to need to buy more. 1010544_10101387725903117_521036179_n

1507136_10101385330423677_547707940_nI hope to have this Costume done in time for Katsucon. I think the setting there could make for some very nice photo ops. And since the biggest and most difficult part is almost done, I can easily make the corset and top in the next 3 weeks. I did a test of how I am going to add the glitter to the corset, and think that should go very fast. My wig should be to me in a couple weeks which will give me plenty of time to style it, and my blue contacts should be in any day now.

I have also begun trying to find pictures of Anna’s costume. Finding good screen caps of her coronation gown is proving to be difficult but I did find a very nice tutorial on how to do her hair. Casey’s hair looks like it will be just long enough and the correct color to do Anna’s hair with ease. I do not look forward to doing all the pleating required for her skirt, but she will look amazing when it is all done.

1524817_10101390808705157_997327826_n So hope fully by the end of next week I will have everything completed enough to get so preliminary pics of the whole outfit. Oh and I guess I need to find some shoes to alter…. Oh well, off to glitter the world!


3 comments on “Frozen

  1. Gwendolyn Marietta Coppa
    March 5, 2014

    I am curious, what fabric adhesive did you use? I was thinking some fabric mod podge, but I am unsure and nervous at this time…

    • alattething
      March 5, 2014

      I used Tulip Fashion Glitter Bond. There is also a generic brand of permanent fabric adhesive I use, it was sold in the same place as the Tulip Brand adhesive.

  2. lester7575
    April 16, 2014

    this is awesome… I do a lot of sewing and this is my next project . I have went threw an hour of these tutorils and I like this the best ! good job

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