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Christmas 2013 Projects

IMG_2328Well I can now safely talk about the things I made this year for Christmas. At this point almost all gifts have been given out and the last few that remain do not read my blog. I sit in my Childhood home outside Fairbanks Alaska, it is 0 degrees outside, with a fresh six inches of snow on the already 3 feet of snow on the ground.IMG_2325 I am actually very excited about this Christmas, it will be my first White Christmas in quite a while and the first Christmas I get to spend with my nephews. My dad’s girlfriend and I have put up our very Seussical tree. It turns so many directions we had trouble getting it “straight.” But I love it, Alaskan Christmas trees always have the most character. IMG_2329[1]

IMG_2258So onto the projects. This year the “big” project was a quilt for my best friend Meg. I have never made a quilt before but have watched Meg make many over the years. And I decided since she is always making quilts for everyone else that is was time someone made one for her instead. I put a note on the box explaining this very thought and got a few happy tears from her before she even saw what it was. Now the planning of this quilt took some time, since I had never made one I knew I needed to do something fairly simple, but I still wanted to do something fun. So I decided to go with a regular square quilt, but make it look like Tetris.IMG_2132[1] I was able to actually use all scraps from my stash, and the only thing I had to buy was the batting. The black squares were from 3 or 4 different materials which I though would help make it look more “pixilated.” I did a sketch of the design, including colors, so I could go through and do row by row marking off what I had sewn to keep everything straight. It took what I felt like forever to cut all the squares out. Hundreds of black squares and anywhere between 6-12 squares of each color. Over all I think for my first quilt it turned out pretty good. It is not quit a twin sized quilt but it is a good size for curling up on the couch. I am also not sure I will ever make one again, but it is nice to know I can actually do it.

IMG_2197Heather asked for an apron this year, I quickly cut out the apron from more of my stash and added a pocket on the front so she could carry her phone there if needed. I didn’t actually get a finished picture of it, but have and almost finished pick. I made little apliques of a cupcake, cookie and pie which were placed on as decoration, and are all 3D-ish, I made them somewhat plush for fun. Will have to get a full pick of it later.IMG_2279

Cookiepalooza went well. I made 480 cookies, and they all turned out great. Maddie came over and helped decorate the Gingerbread cookies, and Meg stopped by to keep me company so I wouldn’t go crazy cooking alone all day. IMG_2293I also had decided a few months back that I was going to try to make caramel for the first time ever for, Robert, he is kinda obsessed with salted caramel, so I figured that was a great gift for him that I “should” be able to do easily. Now I really have never made caramel before and have not even ever seen it done. All I can say is follow directions carefully. When they say “carefully add small cubes of butter,” do not dismiss this and just throw a half of a stick of butter in the hot melted sugar, like I did… IT COMES TO LIFE!!!! And bubbles almost over the edge of your pot! I luckily didn’t burn the caramel or make a huge mess, but next time I will follow the directions to the tee. It was overall super easy to make and turned out delightful 🙂1510889_737960526231377_1357434231_n

IMG_2335I made some fun hats for my brother his wife and kids, hopefully they will fit them. I actually wanted to keep 0the one I made for my brother’s wife, cuz it is super cute and Christmasy.IMG_2336IMG_2200 Dad gets some hand drawn pictures I made while bored at work one day. My favorite is the Raven, but once again will have to wait till Christmas to get a photo of it. The Moose turned out great and the Cow is adorable. IMG_2256

This year was the year of “I already have the material, lets see what we can make!” And I think it was super successful. I got to get through a lot of my stash, meaning I won’t feel so bad about buying more material in the future, and I was able to give things that people can use and enjoy, which is always nice. Hope everyone else has a nice crafty Christmas, and a safe Happy New Year.


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