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Planning and Plotting

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so many cookies!

Well now that things have calmed down from Dragon Con,  the planning for Christmas gifts can begin. What? I’m not planning for next

this was a joke gift for my little sister. She asked for a bunny for Christmas, so I made her one, out of real rabbit fur :D

this was a joke gift for my little sister. She asked for a bunny for Christmas, so I made her one, out of real rabbit fur 😀

year yet? Well yes that has been going on too, but I figure since Christmas is just a few months away I should start thinking about gift ideas. Last year I didn’t make too many gifts, but I did make a few. I would like to make at least one hand made thing for each person this year, but gathering ideas that are actually plausible will be difficult. I have a few idea for a couple people but as they read this blog I can not go into those ideas. Instead I will talk about things I have made in years past that have gone over pretty well.

I actually hand painted 3 of these because I wanted one for myself.

I actually hand painted 3 of these because I wanted one for myself.

Last year (2012) as I said I didn’t make too many things. Every year I make over 500 cookies that I divvy out and ship to family and friends. It is kinda my fallback iphone pics 128gift. No ideas for *insert name*, they get Cookies! I also did a few tree ornaments this year, Meg and Heather were the recipients of them, and they turned out pretty nice if I do say so myself. I also made a ringmaster jacket for my Boss. It was a commission from one of his managers from the theatre, and as they had gotten him a top hat for his birthday earlier in the year they figured he needed a jacket too. But as Mark is a fairly big guy, and has to have his hats specially ordered to fit his head. I was asked to make one to fit him. When asked later on iphone pics 129how I got it to fit him so perfectly I told him every time he was around I was doing iphone pics 104measurements behind his back. I also finished my long overdue Christmas Caroling cloak, which i had been promising to make myself for the last few years, and it is adorable 🙂iphone pics 136

Christmas 2011 0212011 I did my usual cookies, and make 3 stuffed animals/things.Christmas 2011 001 (3) Heather got Boo, from Mario. Andy got a Goomba from Mario as well, and Meg got her favorite Muppet, a really cute soft cuddly Rolf. I also made a pillow with a bull moose head appliqued on but can’t seem to find a picture of it. I made it for my dad.Christmas 2011 002 (3)166313_808096296537_2892723_n

2010 was the year of hats, ,I made winter hats for pretty much everyone. Warm fleece hats, and each specialized to each person. 67180_808096196737_7303248_nMeg got a Invader Zim hat, I had been commissioned earlier in the year to do a jacket, and she thought it was the cutest thing ever. Leeann got a monster that looked like it was eating her head. Cris got a cat, since she was on the DC 166282_808096106917_3961075_nDemon Cats Roller Derby team. And her son Keanu got a stegosaurus, since he was obsessed with dinosaurs. 164317_808096281567_152422_n

This year I have decided to try new things. Maybe some canned items, or a big sewing project I have never even thought to attempt. Wish me luck, I am definitely gonna need it 🙂


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