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Dragon Con 2013 Saturday & Sunday & Monday

DragonCon2013 044So Saturday started with the Parade, Heather had never actually seen the parade before since her first year we dragged her to be in it. So this year we opted to watch, which worked out well considering the state of Meg’s back. Meg decided that she would stay behind and work more on Toothless, so Heather and I headed out to find a space on the ever filling sidewalks. We found a pretty good spot where we could both see the street and proceed to wait till the parade started,. We only had to wait  20 minutes or so, but I overheard one of the families nearby saying they had been there for two hours to make sure they had good seats. It just amazes me how much the people of Atlanta look forward to the parade, and even though this year there was a new rout, people showed up en mass. I do have to say that being in the parade is definitely more fun than watching it, I do like to see the costumes of everyone, but I think I will continue to be in it from now on. Standing around that long just wasn’t for me. I got to see Hunter’s group in the parade but I missed him, as he was on the wrong side of the street, I just got a brief view of the back of his head as he squatted down for a pic. DragonCon2013 147My other friend Joe was also in the Parade, in the GIJoe group and was able to flag her down and say hi. When she wandered off Heather asked how I recognize her, and all I could answer was with a shrug of my shoulders and “It’s Joe, and she has been posting pics of this costume regularly.”  Once the parade was over we made our way back to the hotel to get changed into our How To Train Your Dragon Group. DragonCon2013 171Unfortunately everyone was heading back to their rooms, so we ended up huffing it up the 10 flights of stairs to our room. About half way up I started to feel it, and by the 10th floor I had rubber legs. After a quick respite and change into our viking gear we headed down to get some lunch. We figured it was going to be hard to find a spot to sit, like usual, for lunch, but apparently if you have awesome costumes, people will chase you down and give you the spot they were using 🙂 Being awesome does have it’s perks every now and then.

After lunch just as we were leaving I heard someone yell “Toothless, I have been looking for you everywhere!”DragonCon2013 174 Turning around I see a very happy Hiccup asking Meg for a picture. When he sees me and Heather his smile grows, he informs us his girlfriend is dressed as Astrid, so we tell him that if they are free they should join us over at the Marriot around 2:30, for some pics. We finally headed to the Marriot and had Meg park herself on a couch, while I ran to help Hunter get out of his N7 armor and change into Tuffnut, he had a Mass Effect Shoot at one that was just finishing up. After his quick change we hurried over to the Marriot, along the way a few people did end up recognizing us, which is nice since I figured without Toothless we would be just random Vikings, which is okay too. Shortly after we rejoined Meg and Heather, Hiccup and Astrid found us, so we started the rounds of the Marriot posing for the crowds. We got to take many pics with kids who seemed very happy to see Toothless, one girl really wanted to be in the pic but was also very terrified at the same time. She basically pushed her mom in front of her to do everything first, so if mom survived then it was safe for her too. Kids are so cute! I even had an extra helmet with me so a few people and kids got to pose in the pic with us, with a helmet on. Somewhere there is a pic of Deadpool in the helmet with us, I really want to find that pic. He was super happy to see us, even said that How To Train Your Dragon was his second favorite movie, it almost beats out Star Wars. 🙂


Funny and accurate!

Around 3:30 we said goodbye and headed back up to the room, so Meg could change before her panel at 5:30, Heather changed into Barf, and I put on mundane clothes and decided to go check out the dealers hall. It was in a new location this year, and oh my, what a mess. I think I got lost three time, I kept getting turned around as to where I was, and after I found the shirt table I was looking for and bought my shirts I got out of there. I went straight back to the room to try to decide what I was going to wear for the night. Finally after much deliberation I donned my Irathient, sans prosthetic, for a few hours. Saturday night wasn’t too exciting for me, I wandered a bit and took a few photos of costumes, but I feel like this year peoples costumes were more subdued. I mean we were having a hell of a time filling in our Bingo Cards, we got most of it filled from the Parade, but I never saw a single painted lady (which there is usually a whole group of them), and other days the costumes we see every year were almost impossible to find. I didn’t end up staying out too late Saturday since I knew Sunday was going to be a long day with lots of make-up and prosthesis.

Sunday morning started way later than any morning ever, I didn’t crawl out of bed till 9:30, and it was in a panic. For some reason I thought one of Meg’s panels was at 10 that morning, so I proceeded to run around waking everyone up, freaking out about how she was going to be late. Turns out her panel wasn’t until 5…oops. So everyone got up, and started to get ready for the day. Heather put on her Tardis dress, which is just so cute! Meg put on God (from Dogma), and I started the long process of putting on my bald cap for Dune. I ended up removing it once and starting over because I didn’t like the way the seem looks, and after reapplying it looked much better. Forgetting to eat or drink a cup of coffee in the room I headed down to get in line at the Starbucks, it wasn’t too bad of a line, compared to what it usually was. It also noon, it had taken me quite some time to finally be happy with my make-up Heather and Meg had gone to the dealers hall since I had my meet up at one. I did a quick run around the Marriot since I had a little time, and then headed up to the bar in the Atrium to see if anyone else would show up for our Dune group. 1170782_10101147322224017_545673685_nOne did, Daivd White, with an amazing still suit. And after he told me how he made it, it doesn’t actually seem all that hard. Lots of little detail work, like mine, but not nearly as hard as I imagined. He actually said his Storm Trooper was harder to make.  We stood for a while near the bar and had pictures taken and after a turn around the atrium we went down to the 501st table to see if any of the guys from his garrison were there. We also tried to talk as many people as possible into making still suits or Bene Gesserits for next year. We would really like to have a big group, David even said he would make a Thumper to have in the pics, which would be Epic! We did have another costumer come up and tell us he wore his still suit the night before but unfortunately when removing it it disintegrated 😦 But on the up side they want to make new ones and join us next year. After a few hours David and I were both ready to change, so we headed back to the Hyatt and said our goodbyes. I removed my bald cap and makeup, took a shower and put on some mundane clothes, with the addition of one of my new shirts. And decided to head down to the one and only panel I went to all weekend.

The panel was about the basics of Leather.  My buddy Stephen(aka Santa) was the moderator for the panel, which was a last minute thing. Apparently one of the panelists found out he wasn’t on the panel and got upset so he told him to show up and take a seat anyway 🙂 Stephen does some amazing work and if you want something done please contact him at Lone Wolf Armory. You won’t regret it. The panel was very informative and I have copious notes for when I decide to try my hand at more leather work. After the panel we stood outside the room talking with some other people from the costuming world, and all of the sudden Brent Spiner (Data from Next Gen) walked up to us and asked if we were in line for the next panel, which was about Worbla and Wonderflex. He was informed we were not and then he asked if we knew what it was, he thought it sounded like a laundry detergent. After a little laugh he was given a quick definition of what it was, said his thanks and ducked into a room. Leaving all of us a little flabbergasted. We all kinda looked at each other like “did that just happen?”

After that I said my good byes and went to get ready for the Defiance meet up and photo shoot. I had about two hours to get ready and to the 10th floor of the Marriot. And I needed every minute, not for the make-up, that took way less time that I thought it would. I really just needed time to get up to the 10th floor. I almost gave up waiting for the elevators and took the stairs but one finally showed up with enough room for me to squeeze in. I had never been up on the 10th floor before and wasn’t sure where to go but very quickly I saw all the red hair of the Irathients from across the way and knew I was in the right place 🙂i-KSTqmh2-L

i-jfXbjDb-LWe had a really nice turn out, lots of Iraths and Casthis and at first only a few humans, but soon more showed up and we had a very nicely rounded out group. Next year we hope to have a few other races like the Biomen, and Indogenes. But for the first year round I think we did a bang up job. The photo shoot was a blast we got to do some basic shots and some fun ones to be goofy. After the shoot I decided to hang out with Joe and Kimberly, we just ended up going back down to the atrium to hang out and people watch. We got many pictures taken and per Kimberly’s check list for this years Dragon Con, we danced to be in the Dragon Con Music video. Our silliness increased during the night as we began to play our own little photo bombing game. People around us were confused as to what we were doing but we were having a blast.  I finally went back to my room around 1:30 in the morning, where I started to pack up for our departure in the morning.i-f4Zxbwk-M

Monday was a long day… Very long. Got up, got dressed finished packing, got on the wait list for a luggage cart. Waited and hour for that, then from the time we got the luggage cart to when we finally got our car packed, it took over an hour. Apparently two of the five elevators in the main tower broke Monday morning just in time for check out. SO Meg and Heather took the stairs down to the lobby to try and check out, while I waited with our luggage cart and bellman, who finally gave up on the main elevators and ended up cramming us on the freight elevator with another cart and 3 other people. I then waited in a long line at the garage to retrieve my car, and finally pulled around front to get the girls and the luggage. At that point it started to rain but we were packed and on the road so we missed the worst part of the storm, which was apparently bad, trees down, crazy wind. But we made it home safe and sound. Did our unpacking, I did a day of laundry, and then the Con Crud hit 😦 SO I am feeling super right now. I was hoping to go to Baltimore Comic Con tomorrow, but we will see how I feel in the morning. If anyone is interested at looking at the rest of my photos from Dragon Con here is the link.

Now to figure out what to make for next year 🙂 Oh Boy!


2 comments on “Dragon Con 2013 Saturday & Sunday & Monday

  1. mentalrat
    September 6, 2013

    Meg was GOD on Sunday. I also look like a goober in the HTTYD photo. Lol. Fun times.

    • mentalrat
      September 6, 2013

      Drats… I tried giving a 5 star… not 4.

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