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DragonCon 2013 Thursday&Friday

Dragon Con 2013 is over :(. It was a long, very fun weekend, filled with tons of people, great costumes and great friends. This year started out like usual, but for a few hiccups.  Meg stayed the night Wednesday night, but as her back decided to quit earlier that week, we actually got to bed at a fairly descent time, since she couldn’t easily work on costume stuffs. My cousin Danny had to drop out last minute because of school, so the Jeep was easily packed, and we drove down early Thursday morning to get Heather. After readjusting luggage, and making a quick stop at Sonic for breakfast we continued our journey to Atlanta with only a little traffic, and arrived around 5pm. After getting checked in and arranging a few things in the room we went to get our badges. There was a bit more of line this year, looking like years before with waits of 5-6 hours, but the line moved very well and we were badged and ready to go in probably a little over and hour. First thing we did was head over to the Mall to grab some dinner and saw that a few new places had gone in. The most important being Aviva by Kamel, we didn’t eat there Thursday but did on Friday and proceeded to eat there pretty much every meal for the last few days. The food was great, great selection always fresh and tasty. The creamed spinach was to die for, I had that every day and I don’t know what went into it but it was heaven…. Mmmmm…..

Okay back to the con. Dinner done we headed to wander a bit, and holy cow, Thursday is definitely the new Friday, there were people everywhere, and quite a few were in costume. It is really quite impressive how dedicated some costumers are. After a brief stroll around we headed back to the room, to do the usual perusal of the panel line ups, with a short spell of costume finishing/fixing. Turns out Hunter had packed his N7 armor Wednesday in his car before the con and well, we live in Northern Virginia, and it is hot, so the glue melted and the armor fell apart. Luckily I had packed glue guns for repair anyway, so we spent part of our first night reconstructing almost all of the armor. Meg had little things to finish on Toothless, but since she wasn’t wearing that till Saturday she left most of it for Friday night, and decided to take it easy and ice her back so she would be good to go Friday. After finishing the repairs to the N7 armor, Hunter and I went back out to meet up with some of his friends and people watch. And boy were there people! I feel like the amount of people we had seen earlier doubled and lots more were in full costume. Unfortunately I was far to tired to remember to take pictures, the guys took a few here and there but mostly we were just chatting and looking around. At around 11:30 I called it and we wearily made my way back up to the room to pas out for the night. Well try to, sound in the Hyatt carries really well, so we could hear the cheering and yelling pretty clearly for a while, but exhaustion won out and sleep found me.

DragonCon2013 027Friday morning started pretty early for me, I was up around 730am, and started to get things together for the day. I had decided to run around in Effie for the morning, so I needed quite a bit of time in front of the mirror to get my skin the correct color, and finish styling my wig which was in curlers. Meg chose to wear Oogie Boogie, and Heather donned her Jurassic Park Ranger and prepped and started the crock pot for our pulled pork sandwiches. Hunter left after breakfast, which was muffins and french press coffee, to go get his Star Gate uniform on. He had asked if he should just try to wear his Mass Effect all day since he was so excited about it, but I told him that since it was his first “big” costume that maybe he should save it for the night, since he would probably only last 4-6 hours in it before he was exhausted and too hot to function. I also pointed out it has lights on it so they would make a bigger impact at night. We decided to met back up after 3 so he could change, and so I could wash off Effie and change before the Friday Night Costume Contest started. DragonCon2013 030

Meg’s Oogie Boogie was a huge hit. People loved it, and she was stopped incessantly for pictures.  None of us had plans for panels Friday so we spent most of the afternoon wandering and taking pictures. We found a few other people from Nightmare Before Christmas and did some group shots with them for Meg. I got stopped a few times and my favorite was a little girl in the mall. We had run in to get smoothies to help cool down, and a little blonde girl stopped me and asked if she could get a picture with me. She was so cute, after the pic she turned to me and said “may the odds be in your favor.” I love kids who are fans, it makes wearing ridiculous hot costumes that much more worth it.

DragonCon2013 040After our cool down and a few more laps of the Marriot,  I headed back to the room, to scrub off my makeup and change into my Valkyrie. Hunter showed up 15 minutes after me and I helped him get into his armor and attached the gun with magnets so he could draw it when needed. He took off and I sat down for a bit before putting on the corset and full chest armor. It was really nice having a main hotel to go back for breaks and snacks. At this point the pulled pork we had cooking in the crock pot was beginning to smell awesome, but I knew I wouldn’t get to have any of it until way later that night after the contest. After my little break I finished getting dressed and headed to the elevators, and then realize I forgot my badge, so I went back to my room, grabbed my badge and headed back to the elevators. I then realized I forgot my sword… I was really scatterbrained. After that I finally got to the Marriot and decided I was thirsty and wanted a drink, but guess what I forgot… So I went back to my room again…. Got my money, did a triple check to make sure I had everything and went to the room for prejudging. I got to the room just before they began letting us in, and said hello to some friends from last year.

1175741_10101144537230167_2098499005_nMellissa and her husband were dressed as Elenor and King Angus from Brave. Stephen was Santa from Rise of the Guardians. And he is by far the best Santa 1234718_10101144489580657_460607766_nEVER! He is one of the sweetest people I have met through costuming and he always gives the best hugs. Vera showed up a little late dressed as Evenora from The Great and Powerful Oz. Everyone’s costumes turned out great this year. But when the Skeksis walked in the room, everyone knew who was going to win. It was impressive, to say the least, and I think everyone was okay losing to it. At some point during pre-judging I got a text from Hunter that read “THIS IS AWESOME!” He had never had an elaborate costume before and was apparently having the time of his life getting pics taken and hanging out with some of the people involved with the game. He also got invited to join the Mass Effect group for the parade. My time came and went for prejudging, I hung out with my friends, and waited for the stage part to begin. All I could think about at this point was how much I really wanted a pulled pork sandwich or three. Time ticked away, the contest was a few people overbooked, and we were running behind, but we got it all done and the winners were announced. Stephen got and Honorable Mention for best props, the Skeksis won Best in Show, I believe the Novice winner was a Steampunk Cyberman, Journeyman went to a Steampunk Ironman, master/professional was a Lion King Musical replica of Nala (which was beautiful). I had a lot of fun hanging out with the costuming folks and seeing the really awesome work up close. Now to decide what I’m doing next year. 🙂

541784_10101144944523947_1266096059_nAfter we were released I basically ran to my room to eat. I was famished and couldn’t wait any longer. I ate 2 pulled pork sandwiches piled high, and probably too quickly inhaled them. After checking myself to make sure I didn’t have barbeque sauce all over me, I headed back down to walk the Marriot. I ended up finding 2 different Xena’s who immediately recognized me. Which is really nice, when you pick a smaller part costume from a show that was many years ago. Each oohed and aahhed over it, and one even told me I did a great job, and she would know because she has a show used version at her house. I gave her a card when she said she would be willing to send me pics of the actual thing. We shall see if she does, but she told me some pretty funny stuff about how the actual costume was constructed. Apparently they really liked to use hot glue, for everything, need to do a hem on some strange fabric? Hot Glue!, need the fabric to look like chain mail? Hot Glue, and paint! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who uses it to fix everything 🙂

After a few more hours I called it a night, and headed back tot he room, where meg was sewing toes on Toothless. The next morning was the parade and as we had decided to skip being in it this year, we were looking forward to sleeping in a bit.

That’s enough for now, gonna do Saturday and Sunday maybe tomorrow. Hope everyone had a good time! I know I did.


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