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Packing for Dragon Con!

I think that's everything?

I think that’s everything?

Okay, we have less than three days to have everything ready and packed to go to Dragon Con. My recommendation for everyone is have detailed lists of each costume and each part of each costume to make sure you don’t forget any of the little things. Like jewelry or a hair accessory. This year I got a tub to try and fit as many of my costumes in as possible and save space in the car. And to hold all the helmets and armor I am bringing this year. I also have my make-up kit completely packed and prepped for the (what seems huge to me) amount of make-up I will be wearing this year. Got my mundane clothing packed. All the underthings I will need for each specific costume. One duffel bag of just shoes, which if you knew me isn’t surprising. Still need to pack a repair kit, with hot glue gun and glue sticks, thread and needles, duct tape, and maybe even a touch of paint in case anything gets scuffed. Then we just have to gather snacks and food for our trip. This year I had a brilliant idea, we plan on bringing a crock pot and making at least one meal in our room. As I have probably said before, we got a host hotel room this year which will make costume changes and snack breaks way easier. Peanut butter and honey sandwiches, pulled pork sandwiches at least one day, and maybe if we feel adventurous a stew. Got to save money where we can. Our schedules are filling up pretty quick, Friday night I will be sequestered into the Friday Night Costume Contest, not sure what I will be wearing earlier in the day. Saturday afternoon looks like it may be the How to Train Your Dragon meetup. Sunday afternoon is Dune, and Sunday night is Defiance. Somewhere in there I will fit in Effie Trinket and the Silent Hill nurse, and probably more time in my Valkyrie, because I love how it turned out.

Sealing the foam for painting.

Sealing the foam for painting.

Mass Effect 005Last night Hunter and I finally finished his Mass Effect armor, and I will spend the next few days putting the finishing touches on his pistol.Mass Effect 003

As well as doing the final check list of all my costumes. Forgetting something would be awful. Oh and I need to print out or Dragon Con Bingo Cards 🙂 Hope everyone has a safe trip and I will see you at the Con, please come say “Hello” if you see me wandering around.


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