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N7 Armor Progress

N7-5Well we (Hunter and I) have been chugging away, measuring, cutting and re-cutting, and gluing the N7 Mass Effect armor. The work table is a mess, and most of the time we are trying to find pieces of the pattern, or the sketches, or the chalk, which are never where you thought you put them.  And for never using the material or having really any clue what we are doing I am glad to say, it is looking awesome. The detailing on the chest and back are complete, which only leaves the arm and leg pieces to go.N7-4

We even figured out how to use the EL wire to create the light effects on the back which look bad ass! We ended up sewing the EL wire through the foam and then covering with craft foam to create the “covers.” I do have to say that EL wire is not as fragile as I originally thought it would be, I was very worried we would kink the wire and lose light in places as we went, but over all it is much more durable than one would think.

N7-6 I am still trying to figure out how to properly attach the thigh pieces and secure the stomach and cod pieces. I am sure it would be easier if Hunter got the suit to wear under the armor, but for now, I will do what I can. Only 22 days till Dragon Con, and I think we will have it done by then, which is pretty good, considering I had no clue what I was getting myself into.

N7-3Hunter also has introduced me to a new game, that I have only played twice, and haven’t won yet, but do enjoy quite a bit. I mean it’s Star Wars so what’s not to like? Star Wars The Card Game is complicated and takes a bit to learn the nuances, but once you get it, can be quite enjoyable. I had to watch two tutorials before we played just so I wouldn’t totally suck but I still had questions, and every once in a while ask for help. But even as a complete noob to the game I am making Hunter work to win. He has a tournament next week at GenCon and needed some practice with the expansion decks so I am doing my part and learning as I go. If you get a chance to play the game, I highly recommend it.

I also got the final How to Train Your Dragon helmet built and painted. The final changes to my Valkyrie costume done, pockets added to my Ruffnut Vest, and Hunters SG1 uniform ironed and patches attached. I am so close! Just a few more things and I am set for Dragon Con.


One comment on “N7 Armor Progress

  1. mentalrat
    August 7, 2013

    Hush! No finishing costumes!

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