Creative Costuming…

Doing it for the fun of it.

Trying New Things

So it seems this year has been all about trying new things. I have spent this year trying to go about things differently, getting out of my comfort zone, letting things go and doing what is best for me, giving myself a chance to have fun, and my costuming has helped me do some of that. I have a rough family history, not going to go into it too much, but my mom is an alcoholic and I have been dealing with it and her since I was 7 years old. She was good for a long time, and even got herself together long enough to start another family and give me 2 more amazing siblings, but all good things seem to come to an end, and she relapsed, a lot. So the last 3 years have been tough and I have been doing my best to help out with my siblings as much as possible to make sure their lives aren’t disrupted by everything going on. But it is hard and I can only take on so much before it ruins my life. So I changed, I put my foot down, I let go of the hate and some of the pain, because it will never truly be gone. And I did what I needed to do so that I could have a life of my own. I still make sure the kids (they will always be kids to me even though they are both teenagers now) are okay, but I am trying to make my life not revolve completely around them or my mom’s problems. So I try new things.

N7 N7-2This year Wonderflex was added to my costuming repertoire, I did my first beading project ever, started a blog, started dating again, and last week I started an armor build using EVA foam. Challenges are what I am good at, always have been, so why not a month before Dragon Con start a project with a material you have never used? It can’t be that hard right?… Well it hasn’t been too bad yet. We are making good progress, but I do wish we had started with a pattern, it may have made things go a little faster. In stead I did some preliminary sketches and patterned the armor out from those sketches. Crazy? Yes, hard? Ehh… Luckily the person I am making it for is helping me with the build so he is always around to try the pattern against before we make an actual cuts. EVA foam is really nice, hot glue secures it way better than I thought it would, and it is really nice and light weight. We almost have the whole suit made, with only the shin and shoe pieces to make. And then we get to start the detailing.

costumes 002 costumes 001I got quite a bit of the Fire Nation costume done, but am redoing the under shirt because I didn’t really like the way it looked.The outer vest turned out great, and I don’t like the sub-par look of the under shirt. costumes 013 costumes 005

I also had my little brother come over and try on the Tuffnut and Fire Nation stuff so I could see if I needed to change anything. But Tuffnut looks great, and Billy seems to think it is the “best costume you ever made.” Which is pretty nice to hear. I also made a harness for my Defiance gun, and found a shirt to wear or my Iratient. Have one more thing to fix on my Valkyrie, sew the new Fire Nation Shirt, figure out a bottom for my Irathient, and do the fittings for Danny. Oh ya, and complete an entire NZ armor build from Mass Effect… only 27 days!


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