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More Geek Stuff! SO one of my friends posted this video on Facebook, and I love it. I am a Geek Girl and I will not apologize or prove my geekiness for you. I have never actually been told that I am not a real geek, or that I need to prove it in some way shape or form, and I feel bad that there are girls out there who have been accosted in this manor. No one can tell you who you are, nor should they demand proof. Everyone is a geek in their own way, and if they say otherwise, then they are not being honest with themselves. You define your own labels, don’t let someone else take that from you… OK, now some fun stuff.

So Dragon Con is very rapidly closing in. This year Meg and I thought it would be fun to do Dragon Con Bingo. We had seen some cards from the past years, but I decided to make up some of my own. I looked through the last few years photo albums to see what is most often seen, and picked out a few that may be a little harder to find, or more specific to this years popular movies/comics/books/shows. I didn’t make them the exact same, and still have one more to make, so Heather can play too. Not sure what the “prize” will be or if there will be one. Also not sure if we are going to have set rules, like you have to take a picture of each to prove you found it. Here is one of them to give you an idea what they will look like.


Happy sewing everyone!



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