Creative Costuming…

Doing it for the fun of it.

Progress Report…

ruffnutSo we have almost hit the month mark till Dragon Con, and I am now feeling pretty good.

Belts, and necklaces.

Belts, and necklaces.

The twins are done, except for fitting a waistband to my cousin, which will take a whole of 30 seconds. I got Ruffnut completely finished including her necklace, and belt buckle which I didn’t realize existed until last week.  I also made Tuffnut’s necklace. and made Snotlout’s belt, and finished Astrid’s shoulder armor and did the fitting with Hesa. The How to Train Your Dragon group is falling into place. I went down and visited Heather, and got her shirt for Snoutlout made, and helped her with a pair of shorts she had been fighting with for quite some time. I haven’t gotten a lot done on the Fire Nation costume, but most of it has been cut out and pinned together. And I did start on some of the smaller ‘fire’ details.

irath2I did my test make up for my Irathient with the prosthetic I made, and it came out pretty good, I have my other piece prepainted and ready to go for the Con, and am very happy with the whole look. I also got a gun for my Iratient and painted it. Gotta love Nerf, they always have something that will work, just got to look and the shape and not the colors.





fireThis week I should get almost all my stuff done. I am home alone all week and plan to hunker down and get the Fire Nation done, and do the little repairs and additions to my Valkyrie. I also have a new project this week, I am helping a friend try to make his first all hand made costume, and of course we are going pretty elaborate. We will be trying to put together armor from Mass Effect out of Eva foam. I have never personally used it, but watching some of the tutorials it doesn’t seem too hard. But we shall see. Getting closer to Con time and I am getting super excited. Now to the sewing machine I go!


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