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69 Days and Counting!!!

2 post in one day! It’s slow at work so I figure I would do some writing so I have more time for sewing later. Well it is definitely getting into crunch time, according to my friend Heather she is even beginning to have nightmares about not being ready. I have been doing pretty good about trying to get a few items done each week, whittling away at my “To Do” list. Even with my trip to Ireland taking away a week of working time I feel like I am doing well.

Ruffnut’s tank-top, vest and skirt are assembled, just need to be distressed. Tuffnut’s shirt has been assembled and dyed, just needs a tie placed on it. The big thing I have been working on is my Irathient costume. I am really excited about this costume for some reason. Way more than any of the others so things are moving along swimmingly. I decided I wanted to have one of the intricate necklaces/collars the Irathients wear, since my clothing would be basic. I have never beaded before but figured how hard can it be? Right? :]

The beginnings of the mess, with my plate of beads.

The beginnings of the mess, with my plate of beads.

Well I first tried to use jewelry wire to string the beads on to hold the shape I wanted, then figured I would tie each wire together… Well that didn’t work, luckily I had given up early on so I didn’t spend too much time fighting with it. So instead I created a base, by cutting the shape of the collar out of card stock and glued a piece of fabric over it to sew into. Then began the long, very time and patience consuming endeavor of hand beading hundreds of tiny beads into place. I had no set pattern just a vague image in my head of what I would like it to look like.

About halfway

About halfway

I also didn’t really plan too far ahead what I was doing so the fact it turned out at all is pretty amazing to me. I think it took around 12 hours to do, split up over a few days, it might be more, but I am glad its over.

My wig arrived and I was very happy with the color but it turned out to be WAY longer than I thought. SO I had to give it a little trim. Cutting wigs is not easy, especially when they are as long as this one was. But I trimmed it down to where I felt it was manageable, put in my new yellow contacts, did a quick makeup and put on my necklace. I am really liking the look and I think it will be one of the more comfortable costumes this year.



Now to start puling together clothing pieces to complete the look.

Coming together

Coming together

Good luck everyone! Times a wasting away.


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