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This is one weft.

IMG_1192So I made my “To Do” list for Dragon Con, and became very depressed and disappointing with how much I still have to do. I have 87 days till Dragon Con, and my list is super daunting. I am usually better at getting things done ina timely manor so I don’t have to rush or hurry my costumes. I am still pretty sure I can get it all done, but I am really going to have to push myself. And I think making that list has already helped a lot.

I finally sat down and decided how I was going to do Ruffnut and Tuffnut’s hair. So I ordered some wefts of hair and created some clip in extensions for me and my cousin to wear under our helmets so we wouldn’t have the added heat of having to wear a full wig. I ordered 2 full wefts of 40 inch extensions for Ruffnut and one 20 inch weft for Tuffnut. I have to say 40 inches of hair is a lot to deal with. I can’t ever imagine having that much weight on my head, or even having to comb that daily. I ended up braiding each weft, knotting each braid in two places and wrapping the end in between the knots with scraps of cloth. Sounds easy, but took many tries to get them to look the way I wanted. For Tuffnut I attached clips and left it straight, it should clip on under a layer of my cousins hair easily enough, (well as long as he doesn’t shave his head) but I can always attach it to the inside of the helmet if need be.

HairI have finished sewing Ruffnut’s tank top and cut out and sewn her vest as well. Next will be her skirt and Tuffnut’s shirt and vest which I already have fabric for. I also have to quickly put together Astrid’s shoulder armor, for my friend Hesa who couldn’t see a way for her to easily make them. I told her I had more wonderflex and could put them together pretty easily, and give me something else to do. I seem to be trying any way to not do my costumes, not sure why, but I have been looking for anything to do, to not have to look at my stuff. For example, Heather plans on doing a costume from Scribblenauts.IMG_4869

I have never played the game and have only seen a pic once, but I ended up making the hat for her, even though I didn’t have too. I also have decided to add another costume to my list. I have decided to do a Defiance costume. I got bored one night and instead of sewing I sat down and played with my make-up turning myself into and Irathient. I really liked the look, and the costume really shouldn’t be too bad since they just wear a kinda soft post apocalyptic look. I ordered some yellow contacts, and now need to find the right color wig. The one I had for the test make-up  was really just a ponytail clip that I forced into the shape I wanted, but really need to get a full wig to create the Irathientlook I want. It will be a fairly simple and comfortable look. Not too flashy but still fun. We will see how that goes. I really just want to get Ruffnut and Tuffnut squared away. Once they are done I feel like the stress to finish will lesson, and then I can be relaxed when doing the Fire Nation Costume. And finish off little tweaks and last minute finishes or alterations, as well as have time to help Meg or Heather on any of their projects if need be. Good luck everyone, crunch time is steadily approaching.. 😦


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