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Being A Nerd

Found this and thought it fit perfectly with the post.

Found this and thought it fit perfectly with the post.

Or Dork, or geek, or techie. What ever word you associate yourself with, wear that badge with pride. I don’t care what you are into just make sure that everyone around you knows you love it, and make sure that you will continue to enjoy your hobbies no matter what anyone says. I bring this up because of a video I saw last week. It hit very close to home, and made me want to spread the words. If you haven’t seen it yet, Wil Wheaton sent this message to a fan’s, newly born daughter, about Why its awesome to be a nerd. I definitely recommend this to everyone, kids and adults alike should watch this. Everyone should be proud of who they are and what they love, “it’s not about what you love its about how you love it.” And it’s true, no matter what it is that you love, as long as you love it as much as you can and share that love with those around you, it can never be wrong. And don’t ever feel alone, there are always others out there. “The defining characteristic that ties us all together is that we love things.” No matter how far away you are or how different of a background you come from there will always be someone somewhere that will love the things you love just as much as you. As nerds we spend tons of time and money going to conventions, talking online, and joining clubs to find people we can openly share our interests with, with no fear of  ridicule or bullying. So “you find the things that you love, and love them the most that you can.” Whether it be gaming, costuming, comics, scifi, fantasy, anime or science, show and share the love you have for it. Because having more nerds in the world only means more love to fill the world, and I can’t see anything wrong with that.

And remember, “I want you to be honest, honorable, kind. I want you to work hard, because everything worth doing is hard. And I want you to be awesome.” So go into this world of ours, and love, and share that love, and be awesome, because whether you feel it or not you ARE awesome.


One comment on “Being A Nerd

  1. centristcanuck
    May 7, 2013

    Love this post 🙂 I realized that in middle school that I would rather be called a nerd by my tormentors then other words that are very offensive. So, yeah I am a proud nerdy adult.

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