Creative Costuming…

Doing it for the fun of it.

126 DAYS!!!!!

Little brighter, shinier.

Little brighter, shinier.

Okay people, it is almost time to start panicking. 126 days till Dragon*Con and I still have 3 full costumes to make. The Valkyrie is getting closer every day, I have completely repainted the armor and corset (pics to come), bought the last remaining fabric I need and have to only add sleeves and a few hooks. Then to alter a pair of sandals to complete the whole costume. I am so close I can taste it. The repaint turned out much better, I am happy now with the overall color and brightness of the costume, it was just a little bit too dull. The helmet is still my favorite part, and is my crafting/sewing hat when ever I sit down at my craft desk.

I have begun to gather cloth for my Ruffnut, and have Ruffnut-Tuffnuteven cut the tank-top out and dyed it the appropriate shade (although there was a bit of a mishap, when my glove got a hole in it and dyed my ring finger grey). Dying fabricAlso need to start finding cloth for Tuffnut, for my cousin, he has decided to join us this year and as it will be his first con I want him to have a couple nice costumes to have fun in. Build our helmets, which I think I have figured out. Make his Fire Nation costume as well, I already have all the fabric and trimmings for it just need to decide on a look. BUT FIRST…..
A new under shift for my scottish dress, so I can go to the Southern Maryland Celtic Festival this weekend. It is supposed to be beautiful out so I will be comfy in my dress and not over heat too easily. Also hopefully not burn since this will be my first full day out in the sun since spring has begun. I am hoping that by making this under shift it will get me into the mood to make my costumes. I really need a push to get some work done, and not just keep acquiring materials which I feel is all I have done in the last month. But I will get work done. I will complete costumes, because I have trips coming up where I will be no where near a sewing machine. I CAN DO IT!!!!!


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