Creative Costuming…

Doing it for the fun of it.

Bumps In The Road…

So I was do485232_10100865130343807_312062295_ning great, moved into my new place, was making great progress on my costume. I had finished constructing my corset, and had begun painting it… And BAMB! Life happens. I had been in my new place only 3 days and my Grandfather in Alaska passes away. Quickly packing what I think I would need to survive Alaska’s winter and a funeral, I jumped on a plane, leaving all my projects behind. I had a rough week, obviously, but there was lots of family around to support each other. My dad is 1 of 11Alaska 2013 015 siblings, and I have 36 first cousins, and 20 second cousins. And that is just on my dads side.  Lots of people, lots of stuff to go through, funeral mass to prepare, and stay warm. Big list of stuff to do. Luckily the weather was kind to us. It was -12 when I landed, but it stayed around zero for the whole week I was there. Everyone pitched in helping going through boxes of paperwork, and stuff. Everyone helped cook and clean for the, what felt like hundreds of, people that were continually coming and going. I got to spend some quality time with my dad, my brother, his wife and two boys. And got to say goodbye to the Last Real Cowboy I knew. All through the week we were finding nick knacks, clothing, and odds and ends, that family would claim and take so it would stay in the family. I didn’t take a lot, because I didn’t really bring a very big suitcase with me, but I claimed little things I have always loved. Some of the things I claimed were my grandmothers crochet hooks and yarn, one of her old aprons she made herself, and a set of creamer and sugar bowls. The stuff I had wanted from my grandfather were claimed by his children, but I will always have very fond memories, of the man who always told me a “Real” Cowboy doesn’t wear cowboy boots, because you cant work in cowboy boots. And if you didn’t know you were loved by him, you were not paying attention.

After returning it has been really hard getting back to work. I keep glancing over at my sewing nook telling myself I should really sit down and do 479876_10100873583698217_161114045_nsomething. 602668_10100892794195227_591912418_nI had ordered the fabric I needed for my Valkyrie skirt before I left and it arrived the day after I returned, but the furthest it has gone is from the box to the shelf. I also have some of my fabric to start work on my Ruffnut costume for our HowToTrainYourDragon group. But it is all just sitting there waving ‘hey’ every once in a while. In truth I haven’t been absolutely horrible about not working, I have gotten some painting done on my armor, but I am not really happy with the color, so I may end up redoing it. I also have finished adding the hooks so the chest plate and the shoulder pieces attach to my corset/shirt. But I feel like I need to do more. Guess I just need to get out of this funk and force myself to do something. Maybe I will start with a new paint job. I want to get the armor a little lighter, more silver and shiny. Which also means I need to redo the paint on the corset too… Poo



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