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Moving, Packing, But Still Plugging Away

I just moved into a new place. Actually just have one more box to unpack and I am in. All last week I was packing my house, sorting through stuff and dumping what I didn’t absolutely need. I moved from a house, of which I have lived in for four years, and moved to an apartment. My bedroom is bigger, but everything else is smaller… So lots of stuff had to go. But it is always good to purge and prove I’m not a hoarder.

I placed my cast in a bucket and packed bubble wrap around it so it was secure.

I placed my cast in a bucket and packed bubble wrap around it so it was secure.


Setting up

Now you wonder, have you gotten anything done on your costumes? Why yes I have. Whilst packing my house I still kept my sewing corner busy. I finished my plaster cast of my head and made the positive. Didn’t turn out great but it is usable for what I need. I think I needed to make the cast a little thicker, it kinda collapsed from all the weight of the plaster, so there is a but of a dent on the top of the head. One thing I do recommend if you plan on making a cast from a mold, is to overestimate how much plaster you think you will need. I thought I was buying way too much, but turns out I barely had enough to fill the mold. And geez that thing weighs a ton.


mixing plaster


Scaling begun with puff paint.

I also finished constructing my corset and began the finishing on it. Now it just needs a paint job to finish the effect.

Semi finished form

Semi finished form


Finished head, didn’t get all the air bubbles out, plaster didn’t fill in everywhere.

Once I had my head cast I could begin work on my Valkyrie helmet. I decided to go ahead and use the Wonderflex again even though I knew I would not be able to get a smooth dome shape. I cut pieces I knew I could place together and shape into the form I wanted. Over all I think it turned out pretty good, it is snug to my head so I have no worries of it falling off, and in that way my head cast worked out perfectly.

My new sewing room is smaller than before, but I will make it work. And now that I have it all in I can start work again. Smoothing out the helmet using apoxi putty and then sand and paint.


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