Creative Costuming…

Doing it for the fun of it.

Wroking Away…

Work on my costume list for Dragon*Con is in full swing, with under 200 days to go, I feel like I am making headway, even if I have taken a few steps backward. For example in the post before I showed a picture of the chest plate I was sculpting for my Valkyrie costume. Well shortly after finishing the sculpt, I decided it wasn’t gonna work. It was gonna be much heavier than anticipated, and would have little to no flexibility. So scratching that I went to my friend Google. 🙂 I typed in ‘how to build costume armor’, what I found was this Instructables. Turns out the guy who won Best In Show at the Friday Night Costume Contest last year, made a tutorial for how he did his armor. So after reading his post, and doing a little more searching about the product, I ordered my very own Wonderflex. I have to say this about Wonderflex, it is one of the most fun things to play with that I have found in a long time. At first I was a little scared about working with it and ordered quite a bit more than I think I will need. But I will probably use ever piece I can for many a costume to come. Within about 3 hours I had completely redone my chest piece, and was ecstaiphone pics 159tic with the outcome.iphone pics 156

It fits like a glove and with a few little snaps I will be able to wear it comfortably. I have also built my shoulder armor, and almost finished work on my corset.

iphone pics 167

Corset work almost done, few more pieces to attach, as well as a few more snaps to attach armor.

iphone pics 166

snaps in place to attach to corset/top.

iphone pics 160

Pattern drafting… I don’t enjoy this at all.

Sunday I also had a head cast done. Unfortunately having a huge head can make doing helmets and hats very difficult. So I enlisted the help of my friend Meg, and we did a full head cast. Her boyfriend was kind enough to take pics for us. I have done face casts before and found that I am very claustrophobic when you completely encase my face. SO the thought of doing this head cast was kind of freaking me out. But having a friend there to do it made it much easier and calming. Once the cast is fully dried I will pour a positive to use for future projects, one hopefully being the helmet for my Valkyrie.

1-materials 2-prepping    My friend Meg wrote up a very nice breakdown of the steps on her blog Nerf Guns and Bobbins.

Next week I will be moving but hopefully will have most of the armor and corset done before I have to pack everything else up. And shortly after that I will have my new work space ready to go, to continue costume list for Dragon*Con.





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