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Planning for Dragon*Con 2013

Well it is that time… I have no immediate plans or holidays to interfere and it is time to begin planning for Dragon Con. I had started my list of costumes I wanted to try to have ready for Dragon Con, with a few that are possibilities. I am definitely doing my Valkyrie from Xena, and have actually started on the armor.735153_10100810645731407_582615687_n I have also already purchased some of the fabric needed for the corset, and just need to find the fabric for the skirt and I can start really piecing it together. The helmet is a little bit of a worry for me since it is so elaborate but I have lots of time to do at lats one rebuild if need be. On top of the Valkyrie I was told this past weekend we would be doing our How To Train A Dragon Group this year. I get to be one of the twins, Ruffnut, and I am very happy that this costume is on the list, since it will be fairly easy to put together and will be very comfortable as well. I have another costume I had planned on making but it may have to wait till next year depending on how well the Valkyrie goes.

I will probably bring my Bene Gesserit again this year since I have all new makeup that I know will hold up better, and want to give it another tour of the con. I will also bring my Silent Hill nurse like always since it is a nice lightweight easy to wear costume. Effie Trinket may be brought along as well since this year a friend got a whole bunch of rooms in one of the main hotels and got more than they needed. So it looks like we get to be in the throng of it all this year which mean, a much easier time with costume changes and maybe even nap times throughout the day šŸ™‚ I am really excited this year we will have a main hotel room, not having to do my make-up in a public restroom or in the parking lot will take a ton of the pressure off of me.

Now its time to get working šŸ™‚


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