Creative Costuming…

Doing it for the fun of it.


So I am in love the show Face-off, I have watched all 3 seasons and am very excited season 4 has started. The whole process looks like fun. I have done zombie make-ups in the past for fun and for a friends movie. But the show has just made me want to try more. So last year I decide to delve into the world of special effects make-up. I chose two costumes that would require a make-up that I had never done before. The first was Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games. Her make-up isn’t super elaborate but trying to recreate the same look from screen caps that would last all day was a worry. My first step was to figure out what I wanted to create. Ve Neil based Effie’s look off of a Geisha’s make-up. So I went to my friend Youtube and looked up how to create a Geisha make-up. Once I got an idea on how to create the look I wanted I started to try it on myself. So I did a lot of tests on myself and even my little sister. I used different colors, types of foundations, different ways of applying the make-up and different ways of setting the make-up. I finally came up with a look that I thought would work and took what  needed with me. Luckily I tried this make-up so many times I was able to recreate it in a parking lot in my car.

Effie Trinket (2)

The second costume was a Bene Gesserit from the 1980 movie Dune. This make-up required a bald cap as well as hiding my eyebrows. I had never used or even held a bald cap before, I have used latex elf ears before and knew I wouldn’t be allergic to the glue, but I had no idea where to start with the bald cap. So I once again went to my friend Youtube. There are tons of videos on how to apply bald caps, but I chose the one of a women who had long hair like I did. I watched her video two times and decided it was my turn to try. I went to my local party/costume store and bought a basic bald cap. Things started out okay, but I ended up ripping the cap. Luckily it ripped near my ear so I was still able to at least try my hand at blending the seem on  my forehead. Didn’t turn out great but was happy with my first try. My eyebrows went much easier. I again watched a video on Youtube, turns out hiding eyebrows is as easy as asking a drag queen. They will all tell you the same thing. Elmer’s Glue Stick. I know what you are thinking, but really it works, and because it is soap and water washable it makes it much easier to remove then the spirit glue used on the bald cap. I did have to get a second bald cap before we left for Dragon Con but did a little research and found a good one online.

Won Best Novice during the Friday Night Costume Contest Dragon*Con 2012

Won Best Novice during the Friday Night Costume Contest Dragon*Con 2012

In the end they both turned out well, I have a couple things I would do differently the next time I wear a bald cap, but over all I think everything turned out fine.


I don’t age so well…


One of my original Zombie make-ups from 2006

I am not sure what I am going to try next, but for Christmas this year I got a fancy new make-up starter kit so I have been playing around a little bit.

Below are some of the things I did for a friends movie in 2007.



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